A Japanese proverb tells us that "vision without action is a daydream, but action without vision is a nightmare". Strategic Community Solutions assists communities, organizations, businesses and property owners in imagining the future they want and creating the right plans and action programs to achieve that vision. These are some of the products we offer that help shape the future.

Action program tracking & assessment. No one is satisfied by a plan that sits on a shelf gathering dust. A program for action to carry out a plan is essential to its success. Practical action programs and systems to monitor and report on progress are among the products that SCS can design or implement for a client.

Community futures analysis. Futures analysis looks beyond traditional comprehensive planning to evaluate a longer time horizon and the impacts of broader economic, technological, ecological and social change. It is valuable for organizations and communities that want their plans to anticipate these'big picture' trends and their actions to respond effectively to them.

Comprehensive planning. SCS has significant experience in all aspects of traditional and innovative comprehensive planning. SCS can contribute expertise to a larger consultant team or can work directly to supplement a local government's staff as they create a comprehensive plan that is appropriate to their community.

Plan implementation. Plan implementation can include a wide variety of projects and may involve a number of governmental and non-profit organizations. Decisions about priorities, funding and responsibility are important to the successful partnerships that turn plans into reality. SCS works directly with a client community or organization, or participates on a consultant team, to build a consensus about implementation that gets results.

Strategic plans for project accomplishment. Strategic plans focus policies and research on the issues or geographic areas that are most critical to a community or organization's future. These plans are valuable for particular areas, such as a downtown or individual neighborhood, or for issues such as an economic development effort targeted to a particular industry. SCS works with you to decide what those issues or areas are and how to address them to achieve a desired future.

Visioning and goal setting. The first step in a shared plan for the future is agreement on a vision and goals that describe your desired future. SCS works with your leadership and stakeholders to create a vision that is a compelling and engaging description of the future you hope to achieve.

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