Assisting Decision Makers

Today’s decision-makers must balance many competing interests. They often make tough choices in a contentious environment. Their decisions must consider limited funding and other resources. Strategic Community Solutions works with decision-makers to review or develop strategic direction and priorities for action and investment.

SCS projects help decision-makers work more effectively.


Comparable cities reporting. What do other cities do? That question is frequently asked when a community is considering a new initiative or seeking to improve its response to an existing concern. SCS has databases, research and analysis that form the basis for quick, comparable and useful answers to that question.

Leadership retreats and workshops.  For many city councils and boards of directors, regular meetings are consumed with many detailed, day-to-day decisions.  A separate strategic planning session, annual retreat or policy workshop provides the opportunity to step back from these daily pressures and focus on the future of the community or organization.  SCS designs and manages these retreats and workshops, using activities that are tailored to the particular organization and leadership group.

Organizational discussions.  In some communities and organizations, organizational or operational issues can interfere with success.  SCS structures discussion and decision sessions to resolve these issues.  Topics include issues such as the Council-Manager government structure; increased use of interdepartmental collaboration; internal and/or external communications; coordination of private, public and academic partnerships; or structures for effective use of committees, agendas and processes.  These sessions begin with a presentation, followed by structured team discussions, presentation from the teams to the entire group, discussion with the entire group and facilitation to reach a consensus.

Team building.  Team building activities are an important part of retreats and workshops because they lead to stronger support for the decisions reached during the session.  SCS uses a wide range of interactive exercises, discussion topics, videos and other tools to help staff and/or decision-makers strengthen their working relationships.