Ideas and News

Karen Walz and Strategic Community Solutions are involved in many aspects of communities, sustainability, strategy, and public engagement. Karen’s interest in these issues extends beyond her client communities to include places and people worldwide.  Here we share nine topics exploring multiple ideas and activities that are shaping the future.


Please share your thoughts and comments on each of the individual articles you find through these pages.  Also, we invite your thoughts on important factors shaping our communities and our world.  Please take a few minutes to share your ideas through our online survey Experiencing an Unexpected Reality.  Thanks in advance for joining this dialogue!

Communities and Connections

I sometimes hear people say they like the feeling of living in a small town – where people know one another and are involved in each other’s lives. My experience is that these connections happen much more broadly. Here are some examples.

Issues in Sustainability

Sustainability means using resources in a way that future generations can also have the resources they need. Our understanding of how to achieve this vision changes and new information becomes available. These are some of the ideas I think are most important now.

It’s Texas, Y’all

Texas is one of the states that has a distinct personality. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it’s bad, but it’s always interesting!

The Latest on Current Projects

Strategic Community Solutions projects are moving forward! This page shares the latest updates on meetings, direction and decisions.

Newly Noted

Here are some perspectives on recent news and events.

Our Global Future

Many decisions today have long-lasting and widespread consequences. What do they mean for the future we are shaping today? Here are some possibilities.

People Shaping Places Shaping People

I’m fascinated by the interaction between people and the places where they live and work. These articles share insights into change that goes both ways.

Tales of a Texas Planning Legend

In 2017, Karen Walz was recognized by the American Planning Association, Texas Chapter, as a “Texas Planning Legend”. As the first Baby Boomer to be recognized, she has some stories to tell! Here are her tales.

Worldwide Places

One of the reasons I love traveling is because of the things I learn when I visit new places. The articles below share some of those discoveries and insights.