Terry Morgan & Associates

Terry Morgan & Associates

  • On January 8, 2018

Terry has continued his municipal law practice (mostly defending and advising cities) but has been gradually reducing his client commitments. The problem with closing out for some time now has been long-lasting litigation, with trials followed by appeals followed by retrials (his sole remaining case is in its 8th year of litigation.) But with an end in sight for current cases and by declining additional litigation, it is possible that this will be Terry’s last year of law practice (although this theme has been echoed for the preceding 10 years). We’ll see.


Terry in his office.


What’s Terry going to do without the law? Well, as can be seen hereinafter, travel is a constant. But for the last 3.5 years he has been busy working on his novel about anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania. His professional editor has cut him loose to go and find an agent and publisher. He expects this will be taking some time this year.