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  • On November 5, 2019

October 1, 2019.

The American Planning Association Texas Chapter will recognize plans and projects at its annual conference in November.  Strategic Community Solutions LLC is very pleased to have been a part of several award-winning projects!
ONE McKinney 2040 Plan. 

  • The City of McKinney’s ONE McKinney 2040 plan is one of two award-winners in the Comprehensive Plan category.  SCS was part of the consultant team, led by Kimley-Horn, Inc. that worked with the City on this project.  We designed extensive and varied public engagement activities that generated ideas from diverse residents and property owners.  The plan is unique is establishing distinctive identities and priorities for each of 17 districts, as well as citywide vision, guiding principles and topical strategies.  The Vision Statement is: We are ONE McKinney — a united community that supports the diversity of its economy and people.  We celebrate our natural & cultural assets & invite private developments that create places of lasting value.  Smart public and private investments ensure that McKinney remains a top choice for people to live, work, play & visit through 2040 & beyond.  Check out the complete ONE McKinney 2040 Plan. 

  • The City of Lewisville’s 2025 Vision Plan is the Gold Winner for Implementation!  Adopted in 2014, this plan has reshaped the community and the City organization.  SCS was part of the consultant team, led by Freese & Nichols, Inc., that worked with the City to develop this plan.  Since its adoption, SCS has assisted the City on a variety of implementation projects such as the Green Centerpiece Master Strategy and annual City Council Strategic Planning Sessions.  It’s really remarkable to see the progress this community has made in implementing this plan.  Lots of detail is provided on the Lewisville 2025 website.

  • The City of Richardson’s Collins/Arapaho TOD and Innovation District Study is receiving a Silver Award in the Economic Development category.  This study creates a vision for a future community that revitalizes an older tech area.  SCS was not involved with this vision study, but worked with the City and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce’s Task Force that created a game plan for this area in 2017.  This game plan became the starting point for the vision study.  SCS is now part of the team, led by Kimley-Horn, Inc., that is working on the Rezoning Initiative to implement this vision study. These related initiatives contribute to an exciting future for the Collins/Arapaho TOD and Innovation District.

  • The City of Plano’s Envision Oak Point Plan is also receiving a Silver Award in the Economic Development category.  SCS assisted the City in one aspect of the decision-making process for this project by designing and managing a joint workshop for the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission that helped establish the direction for the final plan.

Congratulations to all the award winners!



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