• On April 28, 2019

Len, Karen, Terry and Bev at our wedding in 2010.

Karen has been fortunate to enjoy having her parents with her for 64 years.  But that reality changed in March, when her Dad Len Walz passed away on the 13th and her Mom Bev Walz passed away on the 27th – exactly two weeks apart.  They were 87 and 86, so they’d lived long and wonderful lives.  We rejoice that their spirits are no longer constrained by aging physical bodies.  But we miss them very much!   And it’s quite a change in our reality.

The celebrations for Len and Bev were really special times for us.  In June, their many friends and family gathered for a Celebration of Life at their home in Santa Clara.  The big crowd included people from all parts of their lives. The gathering gave all of us a chance to remember their lives and legacy.  We also had a graveside service for their close family members.

Karen offers a toast at the Celebration of Life.

Karen with brother Gary and sister Sallie.


Family members at the Graveside Service

In August, Karen, her siblings, spouses and children gathered for a family reunion at one of the places Bev and Len always loved – the California coast.  We enjoyed spending time together and doing things we all love because we learned them growing up.  We scattered some of Dad and Mom’s ashes in the Pacific Ocean from a lovely sailboat and were amazed to have a whale and a school of dolphins joining the celebration.

Len and Bev’s children and grandchildren on the Chardonnay III

Quite a few of our friends also lost parents this year.  In comforting one another, we have also been able to celebrate the many wonderful memories and all the tangible and intangible gifts our parents gave us throughout our lives.  Sadly, we also lost several friends of our own generation this year.  We are reminded that life is finite and that we should spend time now doing things we want to do with the people we want to be with.



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